It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


There are a few thoughts and concepts that Aristotle has shared with the world that I don’t agree with. However, this quote of his has been my own personal scholarly goal over the last few years. With Classical Conversations, I’ve had the opportunity to ‘educate’ my logic and reasoning skills towards ‘thinking better’ and not ‘thinking based solely on emotions’. Both of my daughters have worked through the Challenge levels of Classical Conversations and I’ve had the pleasure of learning alongside them. The goal has been to “think well” opposed to “test well” or “score well.”

As a parent you’ve got to be prepared to make your own decisions for your family, even if it go against the grain.

In our home we’ve got a flexible schedule.

We get to start each day by simply praying and reading through the bible together. Then we jump into the other subjects where they mainly learn on their own. In the lower junior high and high school years, I was their primary teacher. Today they’re self starters and I hold them accountable. They worked on time management and planning skills during the younger years so that now I can expect them to read their guide, come up with a plan, and study well. We focus on skill building.

Some of the resistance towards our homeschooling style comes from people who have a different vision of what education is. Our vision of education means that we learn for a lifetime and learn many, many ‘subjects’. Some people don’t understand my family’s lack of value for ‘achievement’. Achievement that comes from learning a system to get As and not from mastering skills. We are also asked often, “but what about socialization?” This question means they don’t understand our scope and probably don’t want to.

Some of my family does not value homeschooling and they continue to quiz my girls when we visit and even ridicule them if they are not able to answer an arbitrary question that was asked. But ultimately we just carry on. No matter what choice you’ve made – traditional school or homeschool or to travel the world and learn as a family – it’s your choice.

Wendy Bricker