I saw one of those sponsored ads on Facebook from a self proclaimed Facebook guru recently that said; “Text YES below to manifest abundance.”

Um, no.

You don’t have to be a guru or rocket scientist to know that you don’t text to manifest anything. It’s not even the text yes part I had the most issue with. It’s the manifesting.

As a busy parent you know you don’t manifest. I can envision you now, sitting in your luluroe in the center of the living room on a yoga mat “manifesting” the kids to fold their laundry, and challenging them to learn critical life changing skills.

Just no.

Moms don’t manifest anything. We do. My process is somewhere along the lines of Think, Pray, Do. Pretty simple.

But there’s no manifesting anywhere in that formula.

How do you stay organized in a disorganized world?
Admittedly because I’m a DO er, I feel out of sorts if I don’t stay organized. So I make lists. Tons of them!

What does your list look like?

Here’s mine.

This may look chaotic to you but this daily act of writing things down gives me peace.

The word THEME is there to remind me of my overall theme for the month or day. What’s your theme? It changes depending on your family needs.

Before you judge me, let me show you my new one, from Worldschool.com.

Notice it says “DO.”

Not manifest. It’s a place to keep all of your goals. HLAs mean high leverage activities. I learned that term from Tony Jeary, a real guru slash speaker slash CEO coach who has been changing lives for decades. It forces you to laser focus on three major goals for the day.

Use the list! Get organized. Just say yes! Personally, a list makes me feel like I’m in control of my day. I glance at it hourly, take it in the car when we go to sports practice, or a meeting, cross off items as we go.

Do you have that same sense of satisfaction as I do when you complete something?

Download the list here! Click.
Do. Get organized!

(Just don’t manifest.)

Let me know how it goes. Comment below!